There are several different kinds of natural stone that can be used for building. It’s important to know the properties and distinctions of each so you can use the right materials for your project.


Of course, the three main types of natural stone are common knowledge- igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary. But within these divisions, there are different strengths and characteristics of rocks that can be used for different things.

cobra stone granite

Igneous rocks are a broad category of natural stone that includes harder rocks such as granite and basalt, as well as softer rocks like pumice. When magma or lava is cooled, it forms igneous rocks, and these are used by many masons to provide strength in the structures they build. Granite is especially popular for counters, floors, and etc. Obsidian and other hard stones can also be used in framework and to create building blocks.


Metamorphic stone has been transformed from an existing rock as a result of physical and chemical changes, such as pressure or temperature. The most popular form of metamorphic rock has to be marble, a stone that has been historically and practically significant for hundreds of years. Notable sculptors carve marble into beautiful statues, architects use it for grand monuments and buildings, and it can be found in home flooring, countertops, and fireplaces. Marble is very aesthetically pleasing and is often chosen for its coloring and decorative properties. There are also several kinds of marble that provide different looks and textures.

cobra stone marble

In addition to marble, other metamorphic rocks such as slate are popular in building. A very hard and sharp rock, slate is particularly prominent in memorial structures. Slate can also split easily into plates that are thin enough to be used for roofing houses.


The third category of natural stone, sedimentary, is formed through the coming together of fragments from other rocks. Deposits of sediments collect and arrange themselves, often in bodies of water. Through the application of heat and pressure, strata layers are formed within this rock. Fossil fuels are found within this sedimentary stone, but for builders, they may be more concerned with limestone. Limestone is a type of sedimentary rock that is versatile and universally used as building material. It has a high level of strength and can be easily turned into blocks or bricks. The stone is also fairly resistant to corroding and can be highly durable. Builders often use limestone for cladding on walls and in flooring. Travertine is an especially popular form of limestone, chosen for its specific aesthetic.

cobra stone limestone

There are a lot of different materials to choose from when building with natural stone. This is why builders and architects carefully consider their options and know the properties of each type of rock before choosing one over the other. Some may be very decorative and attractive, while others may be more durable in a structure or base. Before selecting a type of stone to build with, weigh the pros and cons, and don’t be afraid to use a more unconventional building material.


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