When it comes to designing a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space, natural stone lends itself exceedingly well. Natural stone is quarried from the earth and exudes a timelessness that makes it as versatile stylistically, as it is practical. One of the best parts about using natural stone in your projects is how creative you can be with it. Here are just a few of the ways natural stone is popularly utilized to bring out the magic in an outdoor space. Don’t forget to check out our most recent post about using natural stone in building projects.

Natural Stone Pathways and Steps

Among the most widely applied uses of natural stone is in pathways and steps (see our stone pool copings). Since it holds up well to all types of weather, natural stone pathways will easily maintain their shape year round and provide a reliable structure for your yard or garden. You can get creative with the design of your pathways and steps to customize your outdoor space to the highest degree of self-expression.

Natural Stone Patios

That patio is often the centerpiece of the backyard, so getting creative with the aesthetics is key to designing a space that you genuinely love to spend time in. Building a patio from stone comes with many benefits. Natural stone patios require virtually no maintenance and are often easier on the eye than cement alternatives. They lend themselves well to hosting cozy parties around the fire, and provide a solid base for outdoor kitchen and barbecue designs.

Water Features

A tranquil fountain or fish pond can add a lovely ambience to any backyard or garden space. Natural stone gives any water feature an even more inspiring and calming presence in your yard. Finding out what kinds of stone are naturally abundant in your area can be a lovely touch of detail and tie your landscaping design into the geological identity of your area.

Herb, Vegetable, or Flower Gardens

Cultivating a garden is one of the many things that can bring a yard to life. Incorporating natural stone into your garden design by lining stones around the border and connecting your garden to your patio via natural stone footpaths is an excellent way to bring that extra bit of enchantment to your outdoor space.

Stone Sculpture

If you’re looking to take your creative expression to the next level, experimenting with natural stone sculpture can be fun and rewarding. Sculptures can be finely detailed or bold and simple. Even something as simple as stacking stones on top of each other can create a shape that attracts the eye and adds a level of intrigue and mystery to your back or front yard.

Stylized Accentuation

Natural stones naturally come in all shapes and sizes. Where you decide to place a large boulder or a series of small river stones can give a space a totally different look and feel. One of the most fun and exciting parts about working with natural stone is figuring out where each stone can go in order to best lend its individual characteristics for the overall aesthetic appeal of your space. Have fun and get creative!