Retaining Walls

Whether you’re planning to build small flower beds or towering twelve-foot privacy walls, we offer a wide range of stone sizes to suit your wall project needs. Our range includes the standard 6-inch tall by 8-inch wide blocks, as well as larger options such as the impressive 2-foot tall by 2-foot wide by 4-foot long stones, with flexibility for sizes in between. All of our wall stone is meticulously crafted with a natural face chopped on both sides, facilitating the construction of one-sided walls with ease. Additionally, most of the sizes we offer are designed for dry stacking, eliminating the need for mortar and providing added convenience and versatility in installation.

Our retaining wall stones are not only aesthetically pleasing but also engineered for strength and stability, making them ideal for any structural or landscaping project. These stones are perfect for creating distinctive, functional outdoor spaces, whether you’re aiming for a simple garden boundary or an extensive soil retention system. Their natural appearance and structural integrity enhance the environment while providing a practical solution to erosion and landscape management, ensuring your design remains both beautiful and durable over time.

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