Natural Stone Showcase

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Your Balustrade Masterpiece

Turn your home into an architectural masterpiece by including our balustrades into your design. Balustrades and railings have been used since the early Renaissance and found in Classical Greek and Roman architecture. The large columns and balustrades featured on this home are carved out of Grey Lueder Limestone.

Limestone Elegance

Limestone was the material used by the Romans for the Colosseum, the Egyptians for the Pyramids at Giza, and the architects of the Empire State Building. It speaks of establishment, continuity and strength. Once accessible to only the select few, the elegance of natural limestone is now within reach thanks to Cobra Stone and their determination to provide natural stone to everyone with the best of service and quality in mind. We are able to reproduce or modify our products to compliment your taste and lifestyle. Featured below are 16 x 36 Honed Grey Lueder Limestone panels.

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