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  • Spectrum Colored Cement

  • Gray & White Masonry & Portland Cement Type N or S

  • Mason's Lime

  • Spectrum Mortar Additive

  • Angle iron / lintils - Primed or Galvanized, with or without holes & cut to length

  • Arched plates - to support brick over arched windows, doors or openings, custom made to fit your application.

  • Masonry fireplace materials - fire brick flue liners, dampers, etc.

  • Address Stones

  • Concrete blocks

  • Reinforcing wire

  • Mortars

  • Tex-Clean Masonry Cleaners & brushes, Tex-Cleaner Sealer, color enhancer and more.

  • Wall ties

  • Brick saws

  • Masonry Blades

  • Scaffolds

  • Brick dollies

  • Levels, trowels and line

  • Rulers, line pins and twigs

  • Brick tongs and jointer

  • Chisels and wire brushes

  • Brick hammers and tuck pointer

  • Grout bags

  • Concrete Blocks

  • Lagg bolts and nails

  • Carriage bolts, nuts, and washers