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Please look at our Stone Gallery for thin veneer stone
and inquire about availability.

Thin veneer is sold by the square foot for all flat surfaces. When you are working with corners, thin veneer natural stone is sold by the linear foot. When measuring for the flat surface or linear foot coverage, be sure to include 5% extra in your measurements for breakage and miscalculation. The average thickness can vary from 1/2" to 1 1/2".

Our Natural Thin Stone Veneer is as beautiful as it is durable and lightweight. We are offering the thin veneer in Limestone, Sandstone, Lueders, Oklahoma, West Texas Stone, and Shell Stone. Thin veneer is offered in Regular Chop, Flagstone, Sawn Chop 4"6"8" and Ledgestone.

Natural thin stone "Thin veneer" is comparable to manufactured cultured stone in price and durability. In saying that, look at all the options you have with real natural thin veneer stone. This is also known as Oklahoma Thin Veneer and a better alternative if you are looking for cultured stone or fake stone.

Click on the images below to view a larger display.

Thin Veneer
Thin Veneer
Thin Veneer
Corners 1
Thin Veneer
Flats 1
Thin Veneer
Corners 2
Thin Veneer
Flats 2